Yu Wei Products Company Limited has been assessed by GIC and complying with ISO9001:2008
Date of issue: 12 August 2009

ISO9001 standards of ISO9000 is covered by a group of Quality Management System one of the core standards. ISO9000 Standard is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1994 put forward the concept is "by ISO/Tc176 (International Organization for Standardization quality management and quality assurance technical committee) develop the international standards.
ISO9001 certified organizations have used to satisfy the customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements of the ability of products, aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction. With the continuous expansion of the commodity economy and increasingly international, to enhance the credibility of products, reduce duplication of tests, weaken and eliminate technical barriers to trade and safeguard producers, distribution, users and consumers rights and interests of all parties, not the third party certification The economic interests of both Production and Sales dominance, Notarization, Science, is all the products and enterprises to evaluate and monitor the quality of the permit; as a customer for the Quality System audit basis for enterprises to meet their orders technical requirements.
All through the certification of enterprises, in various Management Systems integration, has reached the international standards, shows that enterprises can continue to provide stable expectations and satisfaction of qualified products. From the perspective of consumers, the company to customers as the center, to meet customer demand, to achieve customer satisfaction, do not induce consumers.