Empresas CMPC S.A.

Public Company
Incorporated: 1920 as Compania Manufacturera de Papeles y Cartones S.A.
Employees: 8,573
Sales: CLP 1.08 trillion ($1.94 billion) (2004)
Stock Exchanges: Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago
Ticker Symbol: CMPC
NAIC: 111421 Nursery and Tree Production; 113110 Timber Tract Operations; 113310 Logging; 321113 Sawmills; 322110 Pulp Mills; 322121 Paper (Except Newsprint) Mills; 322122 Newsprint Mills; 322130 Paperboard Mills; 322211 Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing; 322212 Folding Paperboard Box Manufacturing

Key Dates:
1918: The company that subsequently becomes Empresas CMPC is founded.
1942: By this point CMPC is providing Chile with almost all of its printing and packaging paper.
1958: CMPC's general manager, Jorge Alessandri, is elected president of Chile.
1971-73:CMPC loses $30 million while fighting off control by Chile's so t government.
1986: CMPC expands greatly by purchasing debt-ridden Industrias Forestales S.A. (Inforsa).
1995: Empresas CMPC is now Chile's second largest private company.
2003: The company's holdings include 1.75 million acres of forests in Chile and Argentina.